Established in 1973 with the initiative of the Government of Kuwait, The Industrial Bank of Kuwait is a specialized bank dedicated to supporting industry in Kuwait. The Bank provides medium and long term financing for the establishment, expansion and modernization of the industrial sectors in the country. It also offers full range of developmental finance, commercial banking and treasury products to meet the needs of its industrial customers.


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الصناعي مستمر في تعزيز دوره وتوفير التمويل
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تامر حماد -  قال رئيس مجلس الإدارة في بنك الكويت الصناعي مصعب سالم النصف، إن البنك حقق انجازات كبيرة خلال مسيرة عمله التي بلغت 45 عاماً في دعم التنمية الصناعية، حيث وفر التمويل الصناعي الميسر لنحو 1...
  • The Industrial Bank of Kuwait is a long-standing development Institution established to develop & finance industrial projects in Kuwait, to recognize the industrial sector as one of the country's economic tributaries.
  • The bank manages three specialized financing portfolios covering industrial fields, small enterprises, agriculture, livestock, and fisheries.
  • Since its establishment, the Industrial Bank of Kuwait has financed 1081 industrial projects, more than 1500 small enterprises and 762 projects specialized in agriculture and livestock.
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